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Whether your firm is an established multinational operation or just beginning to consider international business, we can help with your insurance needs.

Our international team is comprised of experts whose sole focus is working with our international clients.

International Expertise

  • We are licensed in all 50 states and in over 50 countries
  • We work with clients from various industries who have diverse business needs
  • We have extensive experience servicing clients with operations overseas, foreign subsidiaries and/or those that export products
  • Through our international network we have expert support relating to culture, language, laws and local regulations, and local tax issues

Seamless Worldwide Solutions

We know our clients need seamless international insurance program management, and we offer a unique combination of both central control and local flexibility to meet this demand.

We provide the following services:

  • Identify risk exposures
  • Confirm coverage requirements
  • Validate best practices in risk management and insurance procurement
  • Provide updates on regulatory requirements
  • Claims management

Employee Benefits for Multinational Companies

Our international clients are challenged to create benefits programs that are not only aligned with the standards of the geographical location, but also comply with legislative requirements and changes.

Having international expertise allows us to create an effective and efficient employee benefits program that takes into consideration cultural, language and legal requirements.

Property & Casualty Consulting Around the Globe

Our expert International team focuses on regular communication amongst each other and with our international clients, fostering knowledge sharing and problem-solving across offices and teams. Our in-depth knowledge of overseas coverage issues allows us to evaluate your program for international duplications or gaps in coverage.

Whether your firm has existing multinational operations or you are beginning to consider international business, we can help.