Final Deadline - Hazard Communication Standard

Employers are required to update labels and train to ensure all works are educated

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SAN DIEGO, CA, June 9, 2016 – Cal/OSHA revised its Hazard Communication Standard to align with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. 

By June 1, 2016, Employers should have:

- Updated any alternative workplace labeling
- Updated their written hazard communication program
- Provided additional training for chemicals with newly identified physical or health hazards

The specific sections of the 5194 regulation appear as follows:

5194(f)(6). Hazard Communication.  Workplace labeling.  Except as provided in sections 5194(f)(7) and (f)(8) the employer shall ensure that each container of hazardous chemicals in the workplace is labeled, tagged, or marked with either:

(A) The information specified under section 5194 (f)(1)(A) through (E) for labels on shipped containers; or,

(B) Product identifier and words, pictures, symbols, or combination thereof, which provide at least general information regarding the hazards of the chemicals, and which, in conjunction with the other information immediately available to employees under the hazard communication program, will provide employees with the specific information regarding the physical and health hazards of the hazardous chemical.

5194(h)(1). Hazard Communication.  Employee Information and Training.  Employers shall provide employees with effective information and training on hazardous chemicals in their work area at the time of their initial assignment, and whenever a new chemical hazard is introduced into their work area. Information and training may relate to general classes of hazardous chemicals to the extent appropriate and related to reasonably foreseeable exposures of the job. Chemical-specific information must always be available through labels and safety data sheets.

5194(h)(3). Hazard Communication.  Employee Information and Training.  Whenever the employer receives a new or revised safety data sheet, such information shall be provided to employees on a timely basis not to exceed 30 days after receipt, if the new information indicates significantly increased risks to, or measures necessary to protect, employee health as compared to those stated on a safety data sheet previously provided.

Additional information and key resources are available at the following sites:

- Federal OSHA – Hazard Communication Website

- Cal/OSHA Hazard Communication Fact Sheet

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