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Each company’s needs for compensation-related duties and tasks vary depend on organizational size, complexity and growth trajectory.

We offer clients an alternative to hiring full-time staff for the compensation department: compensation co-sourcing. As our co-sourcing client, we make all of our resources available to you.

Our Advantages:

  • Minimal ramp-up requirements: We bring all the tools necessary to begin work immediately.
  • Flexibility in duration of engagement: Depending on your needs, we can provide services over a brief period of time (e.g., while a search for full-time staff is underway) or on a more permanent basis.
  • Sliding scale of skill and experience: Our model is significantly less expensive than the cost of employing full-time staff and buying the tools and resources needed to meet the requirements of the compensation management function.
  • Best practices: We make our methodologies, models and survey library available at the client site, providing a professional approach to managing the function without the investment in additional resources.
  • Data library: We have an extensive data library, and we can access this information during the engagement, which eliminates the need to spend additional money on market research.
  • Industry experts: We have extensive experience in selected industries where we understand business models and industry terminology, helping us to move more quickly on your project.

Our co-sourcing services are typically provided at a flat monthly rate. We will work with you to determine the scope of the engagement and provide you with a proposal based on your specific requirements.

Case Study

A Quality Co-sourcing Commitment

Alternative Approach

Taking the burden off our client by providing Compensation expertise and resources at a lower cost than traditional methods.