Employee Benefits Case Studies

Service. Expertise. Results. Explore our case studies to see how our in-house professionals can implement new strategies to take your health and welfare offerings to the next level.


Delivering Sophisticated Program Design

Dollar Savings

Unique Trust plan results in more than $300K in savings 
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Self Funding: A Proven Success

Funding Conversion

$400K savings plus an additional $500K of rebates as a result of self-funded method
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Fulfilling Fiduciary Plan Obligations

Retirement Services

Fiduciary Scorecard™ highlights areas for improvement and reduced client’s financial risk
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Revolutionizing Your Benefits Package

Plan Alternatives

Implementation of new plan helps employer realized $2.2M in savings
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Company Champions Help Gain Financial Wins

Health & Productivity

Internal champions lead the way to only 2% renewal increases, an 18% reduction
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Penalties, Taxes, Mandates, Oh My!

Legal & Compliance

Healthcare Reform Modeling Tool outlines possible employee and employer costs through 2018 
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Revitalized Wellness Program Increases Productivity

Health & Productivity

$197K savings as a result of revamped wellness program and reengaged employee population 
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A Wise Decision to Assume the Risk

Funding Alternatives

Conversion to self-funding leads to $250K annual savings 
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Are Your Fees In Check

Actuarial Analysis

$700K savings exposed through the use of benchmarking and marketing data
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Finding Flexibility Through Independence

PEO Extraction

$300,000 of savings with access to additional carriers and plan design
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Keeping Up With Your Company’s Growth

Service & Results

Barney & Barney promotes new procedures and plans while saving our client $250K
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Preserving “Grade A” Benefits

Affordable & Comprehensive Programs

Maintained integrity of employee benefit offerings, keeping in mind financial limitations
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Pushing the Envelope for Life Science Employers

Proprietary Programs

CA Life Science Companies saving $750K+
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Dependent Audit Reveals Major Savings

Compliance & Dollar Savings

ROI goes through the roof when our client invested in a Dependent Audit Program
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