Member Experience

Our Client Service teams are passionate about providing an engaging experience for your employees when it comes to your benefits program.

With our suite or multimedia, multi-generational communication resources, you can better educate your employees, enrich your benefits program and equip your Human Resources team with effective communication tools.

Our Benefits Communication includes:

  • Open Enrollment Support: This is your annual opportunity to captivate employees and make sure they understand benefits changes, new options and how to enroll. In addition to face-to-face and virtual presentations, our posters, flyers and memos will drive participation during the Open Enrollment period.

  • Customized Benefits Information: To promote awareness of your benefits program and increase satisfaction with your offerings, our custom communication and branded collateral will make your program shine. Whether your employees need paper, online, interactive, mobile or video communication, we’ll come up with a plan to execute.

  • iBenefits, Mobile Benefits App: It’s time to put your benefits information at your employee’s fingertips with our mobile app, iBenefits. Your company-specific login code will be communicated to your employees so they can view plan details 24/7 and also stay in touch with HR through push notifications.  

  • Toolkits & Campaigns:  Health and welfare related topics can be very complex. Our communication toolkits will demystify important matters for your employees such as the Affordable Care Act, Consumerism and Retirement Planning. Regardless of if you need one-off communication or complete campaigns, we have the resources ready for you.

To learn more about Benefits Communicaton or to view samples of our communication, please contact us.